About us

The sloop and motorboat specialist

Sloepenmarkt is the place for young sloops, and motorboats. We sell traditional open and cabin sloops, as well as luxury motorboats between 6 and 11 metres. We always have a very wide range of young quality boats in stock for you. The average age of our sloops and motorboats is under ten years. And very important to keep in mind: they are professionally maintained in our own full-service workshop.

Sloops in our genes

Boaters at heart. That's the best way to describe us. 'We' being Henk and Bart van den Berg. Father and son. We have the same passion for water sports. So it's obviously in our genes. As a family business, we always try to do everything better than the best. This also applies to our supply of quality boats. As well as everything concerning your sloop or motorboat. Including maintenance and repairs, winter storage, financing and insurance. As water sports lovers we obviously find the fun factor the most important. After all, sailing your boat is all about the pleasure. We like to welcome you to our showroom in the same pleasant atmosphere we enjoy our water sports in. There's always a cup of coffee waiting!

Brief History

Sloepenmarkt was founded in 2006 in a small, oh so cosy watersports hangar in Terherne. The business took off immediately. So, by 2008 we had to move to a larger location in Terherne. We've been in our big new building in Grou since 2011. Our showroom floorspace is ??2,600 m2 with a private marina with 26 berths supplied with water, electricity and jetties.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Most sloop and motorboat owners come back to us year after year. Some of them are already on their third boats. It's a simple matter of old-fashioned trust. Which is exactly what we wish to convey. If you buy a used sloop or motorboat at Sloepenmarkt, you will definitely know that satisfaction is guaranteed. We always honour our agreements. And we always deliver quality boats with a warranty. In excellent technical condition. Good for years of boating pleasure. So why not come over and pay us a visit in our relaxed watersports village of Grou! You don't even need to make an appointment. Sloepenmarkt is open six days a week.